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If you’re moving into the booming Korean market, then working with the right translator could make all the difference.

My experiences in English speaking countries combined with my first-hand knowledge of the Korean market mean you can rely on me to produce translations that your Korean audience will love.

I’m here to make sure that you don’t commit any unwitting cultural faux pas.

If the original copy you need translations includes wordplay, puns or any awkward expressions that wouldn’t read right in my native language of Korean, then I can suggest alternatives that will help boost your sales.

I use all the popular translation software to boost my turnaround times and consistency, including SDL Trados, MemoQ and Memsource. That translates into savings for you.

I complete all my translation projects efficiently, managing up to 100 + projects a month, whilst always putting quality first.


Proofreading might be the most important part of the translation process.

It’s inevitable that a translator will miss a few details when working on a long project, so a fresh pair of eyes is always needed to make sure the finished product reads perfectly.

And in the case of Korean, the proofreading stage can be even more important.

After all, with translations into many European languages, you, or a member of your team, might well be able to judge the quality of the finished product.

But if you don’t speak Korean, you need to be able to rely on a native speaker who’s an expert in your field to give your copy a final touch and catch any potentially embarrassing errors.

I have an eagle eye for detail, and proofread tens of thousands of words every month.


Sometimes, straightforward translation isn’t quite enough. Transcreation takes things to the next level, where I can get creative with your copy without losing the essence of what it’s about. Creative + translation.

It’s all about focusing on translating the message you want to deliver, and how you want your readers to feel, rather than just stiff direct translations of the original text.

Transcreation gives me flexibility to consider the needs and quirks of the Korean audience, making me more creative with text and sometimes moving further away from the original if necessary.

Unlike translation and proof-reading, which I charge by the word for, transcreation is charged by the hour.

After all, it can sometimes take longer to come up with the perfect transcreation for a slogan that will be splashed all over your marketing copy than it would to translate your entire catalogue.

On average, I do over 250 hours of transcreation a year and can’t wait to help you make your texts sound more natural and attractive in Korean.




Experienced working with start-ups and companies in the world of finance, much of my translation and proofreading work is in this niche.

  • Website copy
  • Platform localisation
  • Whitepapers
  • Presentation materials
  • Newsletters


With my first-hand experience working for a fashion show and personal interest in the fashion industry, I work with high-end fashion brands on their copy in Korean.

  • Product descriptions
  • Marketing copy
  • Internal documents
  • Trend reports
  • Training materials


I’m well versed in Korean terminology for the business world, and work with companies of all shapes and sizes.

  • Human resource materials
  • Financial documentation
  • Legal documentation
  • Government reports


I’m an avid traveller, and love translating materials that that will encourage my fellow Koreans to go any distance to discover the world.

  • Magazine articles
  • City descriptions
  • Customer service copy
  • Marketing copy
  • Menus


Having worked at a PR agency in Korea, I’m familiar with handling marketing materials for companies all over the world.

  • Blog articles
  • Customer questionnaires/surveys
  • Email copy
  • Advertising copy


A gamer myself, I’ve helped introduce countless well-known games to Korean fans through my translations.

  • Game localization
  • Mobile game localization
  • Marketing copy
  • Customer service messages

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